Preschool Program

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The MSC Pre-K3 & K4 program is a developmentally appropriate model which enhances learning for the child, opportunities for parental involvement and promotes an excellent foundation for Pre-Kindergarten knowledge and skills. This program implements an "active learning" process which includes interaction with peers and adults. The use of manipulatives allows for high energy motion and a high language basis encourages creativity and individuality. Young children require a lot of attention which our small classes are able to give.

Religious values, character development, moral standards, citizenship and ethics are what the School Center is pleased to be able to continue to incorporate within its program at all levels.

"Hands on" experiences are important at this age and our program allows this to happen through many activities. The following are just a few of those challenging activities:

These concepts are exposed through play in both indiviual and group activities. Children receive individual time, attention and lots of "hugs" for a positive self-image and a "great start" for their future school experience.